1. Miami is for real.  Stop with your “yeah buts”.  In this crazy year of college basketball, it’s about finding a way to survive in games against teams you know you should beat.  Miami does this better than anyone.  I don’t care that they barley beat Clemson and then narrowly survived Virginia.  That’s what it’s about this year.  By the way, they haven’t lost since Christmas.  Be aware of “The U” when filling out your brackets. 


  1. Indiana is the best team in the country and Victor Oladipo should be Player of the Year.  Once again, when filling out your brackets, be wary of the Big Ten.  They’re the equivalent of the SEC in football.  There’s them, then there’s everybody else.  Indiana floats to the top in this conference, Tom Crean can coach his ass off, and Victor Oladipo is the best player in college basketball.  If you don’t believe me, look at what the NBA scouts are saying.  I’d consider him with the #1 pick, and I LOVE Ben McLemore’s game, and still think Nerlins Noel has the most upside (torn ACL and all). 


  1. In the CRAZY Florida/Missouri game, I came away more impressed with Florida.  Simply put, this is the best defensive team I’ve ever seen in person.  To say they have “active hands” on defense would be an insult to the Gators.  They have the best defensive hands I’ve ever seen.  Their offense is nothing to sneeze at either.  Their ball movement is OUTSTANDING and they make it even more potent with crisp passing.  Billy Donvan can flat out coach basketball (like you need more than back-to-back titles to prove this) and he has a team poised to not only walk with the SEC, but maybe another National Title.


  1. Missouri simply doesn’t lose at home.  Seriously.  They are a different team in that building.  The freakin’ Miami Heat could walk in there and get beat (yes I’m well aware the Heat would 70 ball them, please don’t email me).  The point is this team is dangerous.  There is no reason Missouri shouldn’t be being talked about as a serious contender…other than the fact that they could lose to the Belton Rec. League as long as they were in their building (once again, I realize this can’t happen).  But you don’t play the NCAA tournament on the road, and on neutral sites the Tigers have some decent wins against VCU, Illinois, and Stanford; they also got annihilated by a Louisville team that’s poised for a Final Four run.  The point is if Missouri winds up a 6 seed, no one in their bracket should be thrilled about it.              




It’s 6:45 in the morning, it’s the last day of class, and I’m making French toast for 15 people (yeah my life is weird). Southern style French toast is my go to breakfast recipe for any occasion, so I figured I’d “live blog” from the kitchen if you will.

First separate to egg whites into a mixing bowl. The best way to do this is crack and pull the shell in half and transfer the yolk back and forth between the two halves. Follow that up with one egg, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, and a dash of net meg, then mix contents in the bowl.

If you have a flat pan of some sort, transfer the contents to it. If not the bowl will work fine.


Soak each side of the bread and place on a hot griddle on each side. If you are making a several slices, like I am, then keep them warm in the oven on some foil. Top with powdered sugar, syrup, and enjoy!


When thinking about everything that we’ve talked about, I realized that one of my favorite places in Columbia had not yet been immortalized in the in the sacred wordpress pages of the “Get Fat” blog.  This place could have easily ended up in the very first edition or even in the delivery edition, considering they pride themselves on speedy delivery.  Pickleman’s.  God Bless ‘em.  They have multiple locations, excellent food, they deliver, and they apparently even have a sense of humor after tweeting this on 4/20.

The Italian Beef,(aka roast beef au jus, or french dip)  is seriously one of the best I’ve ever had.

Something about the au jus that just puts this sandwich on another planet.  I highly recommend it.

Last time I went, I got Asiago Chicken club, and it didn’t disappoint at all.  Everything right down to the chocolate chip cookies and the fresh brewed tea is top notch.  Head to one of their temples of toastiness either downtown behind Campus Bar (aka Big 12, aka @CampusSECBar…this is already getting confusing) or their other location on Stadium Blvd. in front of Wal-Mart.  For what it’s worth, when my girlfriend comes in town, even amongst  places like White Castle, Booches, and Shakespears…this is where she wants to go.  She gets the Chop Salad, which is pretty amazing as well.

Let’s face it, college students deal with a lot of obstacles.  Sure, it varies form person to person, but two of the most common are time and money.  Some times you just don’t have the time or money to get out.  Well hopefully this post will save you some of both.  I basically got this idea from the Sonic chicken club toaster.  The sonic version is good, but follow these steps and I’ll show you how to make an even better version.

All you need from the store is bread, cheese, bacon and these unbeilvably good chicken strips : 

The southern style from Tyson is my personal prefrence, but any chicken strips will work.  I use a toaster oven to do the majority of cooking, but if you don’t have one, or are even more pressed for time, all can be done in a microwave.  Cook the chicken strip(s) for the recommended time, turning half way through (18 mins. at 450 for mine).

     When the chicken is 5 or 6 minutes away from being done, throw a few bacon strips in the microwave, usually about 40 seconds per slice depending on power (I use a bacon pan but a paper plate and paper towel should work fine).

When the chicken is done, lay a piece of cheese                             

over the top and put it back in the oven for a few minutes until it is melted.  After the cheese is melted, toast a couple pieces of bread, then pile on the chicken and bacon.  Garnish however you like:  lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, hot sauce whatever sounds good.  Pour yourself and ice cold Coke, grab some chips or your favorite side snack, and enjoy.  Better than fast-food, cheaper than fast food, and you can get back to studying (or Facebook while you’re supposed to be studying) and  like Drake said:

Thank Me Later.

Delta Delta Delta has been a staple of Greek Town at Mizzou since 1915. The Mizzou chapter currently has 267 members. Dacie Cowles has been the house mom at Tri-Delta for seven years. “I retired from teaching about 14 years
ago and came to Columbia with my family and this job kind of fell in my lap,” Cowles said. “When I retired, I was working for a temp agency for a little while and a lady said ‘have I got a job for you’, and now I’m here and I love it.” Dacie certainly seems at home as her upbeat attitude seems infectious throughout the house.

Caption 1 – Dacie Cowels prepares breakfast for the house girls on Apr. 10, 2012 in Columbia, Mo.

Tri-Delta girls hit the breakfast table on Apr. 10, 2012 in Columbia, Mo.




So as most of you already know, this blog has exclusively been about Columbia and all of their wonderful eating establishments.  But I though we’d travel a bit west for this post (and at least one more for Kansas City Barbecue, of course).  If you are ever traveling to KC or any of the surrounding areas, I have a pit stop for you to make.  Get off on the Oak Grove Exit, hang a left, and travel until you see what will from then on be a glorious site, This sign       


As you can see, this Gauntlet of Grease is called P.T.’s Family Restaurant.  The PT stands for one thing: Pork Tenderloin.  You are already asking the same thing I did when my dad first told me about this place years ago with an accomplished look on his face accompanied by a small fist pump.  (For those of you who know my dad, you’ve no doubt seen this multiple times). “What’s so epic about a pork tenderloin?”  No.  Not pork tenderloin, the pork tenderloin.  This is simply not debatable (trust me I’ve done research).  But just to further the point, I have taken multiple friends there with the promise that if it’s not the best tenderloin they’ve ever had in their life, I’d buy it for them.  I still haven’t bought one.


When you go inside this homely little haven there is literally no need to look at the menu.  Get the tenderloin (I like to add cheese and sometimes even bacon because I like to live on the edge) and get a half oder of onion rings.  I know what you’re thinking again. “A half order of rings?”  Let me put it like this, if you have a friend with you, and you both bring your game, you got a chance.  If you’re alone, there’s no way you’re finishing.  None.  I’ve tried.  It hurts.  Each onion ring is about as big as your neck, and will also at least rival, the best rings you’ve ever had.  The breading they use on these things is so fresh and flakey, the onion rings are so perfectly cooked, you will have trouble controlling yourself.  And we haven’t even got to the best part.

I guess it’s sort of ironic each onion ring is as big as your neck, because the tenderloin is as big as your head.  The same heavenly breading drapes this deep fried phenom.  The meat is tender and has no grisly tough parts (the quickest way to lose points on a tenderloin taste test).  The trick is to eat quick.  If you slow down, you will lose.  Do not let your stomach start to realize the absurd amount of food you’re about to put in it.  When my dad and I go, it’s usually when we are working a job in that area (though I have made the 40 minute drive just to have one) but going back to work is tough.  If possible, clear some time after.  You will eat like you’re on death row when the put this mega meal in front of you, so be prepared to slack serious ass the rest of the day.  It’s uncontrollable.  They do make a smaller version of the tenderloin and the onion rings, but that’s a lot like going to a rock show to listen to your iPod.

As far as the other menu items, I do see a lot of people order things like country fired steak and green beans, and they look simply amazing.  But to reiterate just how good these tenderloins are: The first time I went there I got a cheeseburger and fries, and they were terrific!  And I will never order either one ever again.



So as you may recall our last delivery edition didn’t go so hot.  Well if revenge is a dish best served cold, then redemption is served in a big cardboard box.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Pizza Hut’s new “10 Buck Box” and probably felt insulted that they continuously remind you that the “10 Buck Box” is, in fact, …10 bucks.  In any event, I frosted a pint glass, picked up the phone, and ordered this bountiful box of bliss.


After I placed my order, the nice lady on the phone told me it would be at my apartment in 20 minutes.  I looked at the clock and it was 7:39, to my surprise, the pizza arrived before 8.  I worked at a Pizza Hut for more than five years, so I’m very familiar with just about all the menu items, and I have to say, this was some excellent quality.  The pizza, breadsticks, and cinni-sticks were all pipping hot.  Even the details were finely tuned, the marinara sauce was a perfect temperature, and the icing was perfect for dipping.  One simple tip I discovered was to resist the urge to save the cinni-sticks for desert, and eat them along with the rest of your items.  The combination of salty and sweet is a nice concoction of flavor.

All in all, I highly recommend the 10 Buck Box.  For one, it’s 10 bucks (shocking I know) so even if you and a buddy, or even you and a couple buddies, are hungry and broke you can throw down on one of these bad boys and see how quick you can put it down.  Perfect for studying, late night munchies, or proving your ultimate worth buy putting the whole thing down yourself.  And let me congratulate you in advance if you do indeed accomplish this feat.  I can really put it away when I’m focused and hungry, but this was all the damage I could do….
















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